ATLANTIS – 2022 Testing Campaings at the Coastal Testbed                                                                                                                  


Technology development: The Girona1000 performs autonomous inspection operations on a structure at the CIRS Tank (Girona)


This is the first scenario in ATLANTIS showing the use of robotics for inspection of floating windmill blades and tower.


This is the second scenario in ATLANTIS showing IMR of the transition piece of a floating structure with robots.


This is the seventh scenario in ATLANTIS showing crewless vessels as an integral part of robotic-based O&M operations.


Andry Pinto presents ATLANTIS – H2020 Project at #ERF2020 in Malaga, Spain

This is the third scenario in ATLANTIS showcasing repair of underwater floating wind turbine cables protection systems.


This is the fourth scenario in ATLANTIS showing underwater monitoring over extended time periods.


This is the fifth scenario in ATLANTIS showcasing underwater close-range inspection of foundations.


This is the sixth scenario in ATLANTIS showing robotic-based mapping of scour protection in offshore foundations.


This is the eighth scenario in ATLANTIS showing the optimization of robotic-based operations.


INESC TEC | Atlantis Project Introduction