Open Call

An Open Call is organized for robotic technology developers to use the Coastal Testbed of the ATLANTIS Test Centre.

The next call will open in January 2023. Check the video and info below for more details. 

How to apply:

Testing dates: TBD

What does the open call cover and not cover?

  • Travel and accommodation costs are not covered
  • All operational costs are covered
  • A minimum of 3 participants will be funded

For more information contact

ATLANTIS: Near Real Environment Testing

Note: submit separately for each activity

Application Form

Please provide a description of the relevance of the proposed tests to the field of robotic inspection and maintenance and how they fit within the ATLANTIS showcases (see website).
Please provide a description of the technology to be tested in this proposal.
Detailed Methodology: Please provide a step-by-step description of the activity that will be conducted.